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Children’s Sunday School

Kids will spend their time learning Bible Stories, doing group projects, playing and singing.  All Sunday School teachers are members of the church and have passed a background check before serving. We use the Gospel Project for our curriculum. You can find out about it here. Check the list below to see what class your child should attend:

Please check your child(ren) in for Sunday School in the South Foyer and pick them up at the same location following Sunday School.

*Nursery (0-36 months)            1st Floor, South Wing, Nursery

 *3 & 4 Yr. Olds                                1st Floor, South Wing, Back Nursery

K – 2nd Grades                                2nd Floor, South Wing

3th – 5th Grades                              2nd Floor, South Wing

*Starred classes are during both the Worship Service and Sunday School

Teen Sunday School

  • 6th through 12th Grade – With adult Sunday School during summer quarter

Electives for  June 4 – August 27

I & II Chronicles| Randy Beaver & Tim Faust | Sanctuary

Beginning with Adam and continuing through the formation of the nation of Israel to the start of the reigns of the kings (of Judah) and beyond to the captivity and ending with the decree of Cyrus, the book of Chronicles covers the longest period of any of the books of the Bible. I Chronicles starts with a genealogy from Adam to Saul followed by an account of David’s reign. II Chronicles picks up with Solomon and continues thru the reigns of the kings of Judah up to the captivity.
But Chronicles is not just a book describing the history of the kings of Judah. The focus of the book is more of a religious history of Judah showing the faithfulness of God in maintaining the continuity of David’s line. The Temple is prominent from its conception in David’s mind, its construction by Solomon, its contamination by some kings and cleansing by others until its final destruction as Jerusalem is burned. The nation of Judah lasted 136 years longer than Israel due to the influence of the six God-fearing kings of Judah. Even that influence could not prevent God’s eventual judgement on the nation. Despite that judgement, God’s love for His people continues and His plan moves forward regardless of man’s sin and failures. This is the true lesson for us in the Chronicles.


Attributes of God | Pastor Bryan McNally | Overflow

“God is _______.” “God is not _______.” How do we finish those sentences? How do we talk about God? How do we even know about God? Are there ways we are like Him? Are there ways we are not like Him?

These are questions we will attempt to answer as we study the attributes of God. The goal in studying God’s attributes will be to help you better understand God, speak more confidently about Him, have increased faith and assurance because of Him, and have an increased love and thankfulness for Him resulting in greater service rendered to Him. “For from Him, and to Him, and through Him are all things (Rom. 11:36).

Bernard of Clairvaux once said “If you add a hundred such qualities [to God’s], you have not gone outside the boundaries of His being. Having said them all, you have added nothing; having said none of them, you have subtracted nothing.” Our study of God won’t change Him, but it will change us. Though He is incomprehensible, He is still knowable. Join us as we study the rich and magnificent nature of God.



If you are looking for a copy of notes from an older class check the Sunday School Archive Here