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Children’s Sunday School

Kids will spend their time learning Bible Stories, doing group projects, playing and singing.  All Sunday School teachers are members of the church and have passed a background check before serving. We have recently switched to a new Sunday School curriculum! You can find out about it here. Check the list below to see what class your child should attend:

Please check your child(ren) in for Sunday School in the South Foyer and pick them up at the same location following Sunday School.

*Nursery (0-36 months)            1st Floor, South Wing, Nursery

 *3 & 4 Yr. Olds                                1st Floor, South Wing, Back Nursery

K – 2nd Grades                                2nd Floor, South Wing

3th – 5th Grades                              2nd Floor, South Wing

*Starred classes are during both the Worship Service and Sunday School

Teen Sunday School

  • 6th through 12th Grade – Balcony

Electives for September 4 – November 27

Daniel | Randy Beaver | Sanctuary & Facebook LIVE

  1. How to live in a godless culture and “not be conformed to this world”. Believers need good examples to follow. Daniel and his three friends are great examples of persevering Faith. If we are trusting in Christ, the same God who was with them is with us.
  2. Daniel is full of the Sovereignty of God- history is HIS STORY. God “works all things according to the counsel of his will.” God’s people need to be comforted by this today.
  3. The book of Daniel is one of the greatest arguments for the divine inspiration of the Bible. Daniel carefully predicts historical events 200 and 300 years before they actually happen! And  Daniel shows future events yet to be fulfilled.
  4. Daniel is a history lover’s dream: the rise and fall of Babylon, the Medes and the Persians, the Greek kingdom of Alexander the Great, Rome and the rise of the Eternal Kingdom of God! Divinely inspired history!
  5. Daniel has one of the greatest stories of God dealing with “Pride”, a sin that many today call a virtue.
  6. And Daniel has what Matthew Henry called “…the clearest, brightest, prophecy of the Messiah, in all the Old Testament.”

One of our guides for our 12 week study will be James Montgomery Boice.


The Sexual Revolution | Overflow

The modern world feels disorienting doesn’t it? Things seem to be moving more and more quickly in a bad direction. The world is more sexualized, political, and radical than it was a
generation ago. Long held norms are called repressive and backwards. The definition of what it means to be a person has fundamentally shifted. Long held freedoms are challenged.
Christians are pressured in schools, neighborhoods, families, and jobs to conform or face cancellation. The cultural tide is not something we face from outside only. Through social
media, TV, sports, music, and movies a false gospel has led astray some Christians.

This class will answer two primary questions: How did we get here? How do we live here (as Christians)? We will spend several weeks orienting ourselves to our cultural moment and then the challenges and opportunities.
We must be aware, we must be wise, and we must take courage. These are trying times for Christian church, but Christ’s Church will prevail.


If you are looking for a copy of notes from an older class check the Sunday School Archive Here