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The Prodigal Older Son

Posted on Jun 11 2014

A closer look at the Older Prodigal/Wasteful son.

  1. How he Viewed his Father: he saw him as demanding and himself as a slave with no intimate relationship.
  2. How he viewed Himself: as a worker and nothing more. He is not serving because he loves his dad, but for what he is going to get.
  3. How he Viewed his Brother: he talks as he don’t have a brother. He should have gone to him.

The Older Brother resembles the Pharisees and Scribes who were “grumbling” Verse 2 and the brother “was angry” Verse 28. We can grumble when a very worldly person gets saved and look down at them because we never did all those terrible things! But Jesus accepts the irreligious and so should we!