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lightstock_129013_medium_grace_bfcBecoming a Christian is the most important and life-transforming decision that a person can make. The Bible describes it in many ways – it is like being born into God’s family, like a slave being set free, like a guilty prisoner being released from jail. There is much to learn and much to enjoy in this new relationship with God.  This relationship is personal and real, but it is not private.

In coming to know Christ, you have been adopted as a son or daughter of God and have become a brother or sister to all of God’s other children. He has provided the church as the expression of this family relationship for all of us, and we strongly urge you to become a part of a fellowship of believers such as Grace Bible Fellowship Church in order to grow and thrive as a Christian. In the supportive community of the church, each believer has the opportunity to grow in knowledge of the Lord, to bear each other’s burdens, to serve each other, to share in the world-wide mission of the church, and to offer corporate worship to the Lord.

If you are a new Christian, we encourage you to get involved in small groups, Bible studies, and other settings in the life of the church so that you can grow in your new faith. Friends and mentors are available to you. A good book to get you started is  Basic Christianity by John Stott (available upon request from one of the pastors).

We look forward to helping you grow in the Lord!