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Are you wasting your life?

Dear Friends, Time flies and today’s devotional asks us how much of our life we are wasting. God bless you. Because of Calvary, John Janney Ephesians 5:15-16 “We often think seconds are not very important. But seconds tick away into minutes, minutes into hours, and hours...
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Christians: Salt and Light in a world of wolves

Dear Friends, Some grow disheartened as they look out on the world and see all the violence and greed and hatred. But it is in just that kind of world that Christians have always been called to act as light and salt. Are you doing your part? God bless you. Because of Calvary,...
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What really matters?

Dear Friends, The media, as they pursue our attention, often confuse us by making us think that the really important thing is who wins the World Cup, or who wins the World Series, or what political party is ahead. Today’s devotional should help us all to refocus and see...
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Did you get the real thing?

Dear Friends, A famous soft drink used to advertise itself as “the real thing” while its contents label said it contained artificial colors. It doesn’t matter much when it comes to soda, but it does matter when it comes to faith. Today’s devotional...
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