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Study notes on Isaiah 52-53

Dear Friends, Today’s devotional is the study notes from yesterday’s Sunday school class on Isaiah 53, the greatest chapter in the Old Testament, a chapter rich in truth about the meaning of Christ’s death on the cross. God bless you. Because of Calvary, John...
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What God did for you in Christ.

Dear Friends, Isn’t the state of our memory as affected by sin tragic? Why can we remember a dirty joke we heard years ago and at the same time forget how much Christ did for us? Today’s devotional is a wonderful message to help restore your memory. God bless you....
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Neglect can do you in!

Dear Friends, One of the most dangerous things in life is neglect as today’s devotional shows. Don’t neglect to read it! Lord bless you. Because of Calvary, John Janney Hebrews 2:1-3 “If I were in a boat on the river in the rapids, it would not be necessary, to insure...
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