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Don’t even try it! You’ll fail!

Dear Friends, Alas! Sometimes we are so messed up that we want to get away from God. What are our chances? Today’s devotional – both the Scripture and the poem – set them clearly forth. God bless you and keep you from such foolishness. Because of Calvary, John...
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How to miss a great blessing!

Dear Friends, Do you want to miss one of the greatest of all blessings? You say, “Of course not! What are you talking about?” You can miss it by thinking you have it when you don’t and thus not seeking it! Today’s devotional will explain. God bless you....
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Are you one of those who want to dethrone God?

Dear Friends, Did you know that there are actually people who want to push God off His throne? And it’s nothing new! Have you fallen for this foolishness? Today’s devotional will explain. God bless you. Because of Calvary, John Janney Daniel 4:35 “Some quarrel with...
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